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About Us

We are passionate, tea loving people. Whether you enjoy tea in the morning, evening or just on the weekends we think you’ll love our teas because so do we!
  • Anthony Valerio

    AKA "Boss Man"

    Role: President and Founder

    Loves: My wife Marie and our 3 children, exploring teas, the outdoors and sailing

    From: Plymouth Meeting, PA

    Favorite Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean, Wall Street, Saving Private Ryan, Ocean's Eleven

  • Irene Satterwich

    AKA "Hurricane Irene"

    Role: Sales and Training

    Loves: My 3 awesome cats, dancing, reggae music and gardening

    From: St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

    Favorite Movies: Movies? I can't sit still long enough!

  • Art Jewel

    AKA “Honey Bun”

    Role: Production Team Member

    Loves: Producing music, reading and observing the power of nature

    From: Philadelphia, PA

    Favorite Movies: Casablanca, Taipan, Indiana Jones series

  • Charlie

    AKA just “Charlie”

    Role: Deliveries, Installation and Repairs

    Loves: Fishing and taking care of his two dogs

    From: Philadelphia, PA

    Favorite Movies: Anything with John Wane, Clint Eastwood and Gene Aubrey, High Plains Drifter

  • Jeff Hucke

    AKA “Skippy”

    Role: Production Manager

    Loves: My two kids, cooking, card games and fishing

    From: Baltimore, MD, but lived in Africa, Europe and Asia!

    Favorite Movies: Goodfellas, True Romance, Rocky series

  • Mario Bosman

    AKA “Butter”

    Role: Production Team Member

    Loves: Breeding dogs, playing the saxophone and fishing

    From: Philadelphia, PA

    Favorite Movies: Water World, Tombstone, Belly

  • Sheila

    AKA “Shel”

    Role: Customer Service

    Loves: Surfing, running, making crafts. Pretty much a beach bum at heart.

    From: Norristown, PA

    Favorite Movies: Bring Up Baby, Gone with the Wind, Breakfast at Tiffany’s

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