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Please note our pyramids no longer include a tag or string.
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Wholesale tea from MajaTei Teas is the perfect retail offering for customers looking for an exceptional specialty tea experience.

Our wholesale tea customers include restaurants, coffee shops/cafés, hotels and tea rooms. To inquire about a wholesale account, please contact us at 610-676-0034 or fill out our wholesale form.

Loose Leaf Tea

We source only the finest, handpicked tea leaves. Our origin tea leaves are gently handled to protect the integrity and characteristics of each teas’ natural flavor. Our blends are hand-blended using unique recipes, carefully measured to ensure a consistent flavor. We package our teas in a high-quality, dual barrier rice paper zipper bags. The zipper reseals the fresh flavor and aroma of each tea.

Pyramid Tea Bags

Our tea bags are made of a silk, bio-degradable material in a large triangular shape which allows hot water to flow easily and enough room for the tea leaves to expand for the best extraction and the best taste. We strongly recommend only steeping once with Black, Oolong and Green teas, however our herbal selection can be steeped twice.

Iced Teas

All of our teas are delicious iced. Simply steep a cup of tea and pour it over ice.

For Loose Leaf:
  1. Steep 1 oz of tea in 64oz of water
  2. Add another 64oz of water to equal 1 gallon
For Pyramids:
  1. Steep 20 tea pyramid tea bags in 64oz of water
  2. Add another 64oz of water to equal 1 gallon
Custom Tea Program

Our tea program includes MajaTei specialty teas, equipment, training, support and marketing materials. We also offer our expertise in designing your space including floor plans, traffic flow, performance and efficiency.

Display Rack

Our tea racks are branded with MajaTei Tea's signature bright green color and made of wood. Each rack holds 4 jars with lids and have attached tongs for removing silk pyramid tea bags or loose tea. A perfect presentation to appeal to the fastest growing segment in retail!